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Project 1 – The first 4-weekly meal planner

Well I have achieved my second goal as far as meal planning goes – a 4-week meal plan. I think I have done rather well in creating  a balance of different meals over the weeks…it really wasn’t easy as I also had to consider the shifts my OH works, the days I work and also making meals that are suitable for the kids on the days they aren’t at nursery. I also hope to cook large enough amounts of some of the meals to freeze and reuse at a later date. The meal ideas have come from our well-thumbed curry cookbooks, well-known meals we use regularly and have adapted to suit us and also some new recipes from the Change4Life Supermeals recipe finder. As we get into the swing of things I hope to try out some more extravagant recipes from the many cookery books we have currently gathering dust.

Here’s the plan:

Week 1

Monday – Green Coriander Chicken curry with Chickpea & mushroom sidedish + rice

Tuesday – Chicken Bhuna with Potato & cauliflower sidedish + rice

Wednesday – Chicken Chausseur + mash

Thursday – Fish, chips & mushy peas

Friday – Chicken Korma with rice and naan bread

Saturday – Cardamom and black pepper curry with easy chickpea curry + rice

Sunday – At the GrandP’s

Week 2

Monday – Tuna Napolitana + salad

Tuesday – Vege chilli con carne + rice

Wednesday – Pie, chips and peas

Thursday – Sausage and bean casserole and veg + mash

Friday – Lamb, leek and lentil bake + veg

Saturday – Green Coriander Chicken curry with Chickpea & mushroom sidedish + rice (you may see this crop up quite alot as they are dishes OH finds simple and quick to rustle up)

Sunday – Fry up

Week 3

Monday – Beef stew + mash

Tuesday – Quiche, chips and salad

Wednesday – Quorn curry and potato and yoghurt sidedish + rice

Thursday – Sweet and sour chicken + rice

Friday – Vege spag bol + garlic bread

Saturday – Burmese curry and Sabzi sidedish + rice

Sunday – At the GrandP’s

Week 4

Monday – Haddock with cheese and tomato topping and veg + rice

Tuesday – Chicken Vindaloo + sidedishes from the freezer + rice

Wednesday – Ham and Cheese Ploughmans with crusty bread

Thursday – Sausage, mash and veg with fried onions and gravy

Friday – Pork and bean cassoulet + veg and rice

Saturday – Salmon and aubergine curry and easy chickpea curry + rice

Sunday – Roast Chicken dinner

A lot of currys in there I know but it’s the one thing my OH enjoys cooking and I have to say I’d rather have his currys than the oily expensive stuff the takeaways seem to produce these days.

Now let’s see if we can stick with the plan over the next 4 weeks! 😀


Project of the year No.1 – Meal planning

One of the projects I want to get off the ground this year is meal planning. There are several reasons for this such as being more organised, sticking to a tight budget, eating less junk and introducing more meals eaten as a family. I am committed to the idea of meal planning but it has thrown up several issues already. Firstly, finding the motivation and time to sit down long enough to put the planner and shopping list together especially when you are knackered and the kids have been playing up or ill. Secondly, we found that even though both myself and the OH are fairly competent cooks we don’t have a huge repertoire of recipes that we can just throw together so I am also having to research good family recipes that we hope will eventually become ‘old hat’ and be able to be done without much time and effort.

Anyway here is my first attempt at meal planning for a week:

Monday – Fish & Rice (with mixed veg)

Tuesday – Country veg soup with Cheese on toast

Wednesday – Quorn curry with potato and carrot sidedish and rice

Thursday – Beef and veg stew

Friday – Vege Spag Bol and garlic bread

Saturday – Chicken curry with cauliflower sidedish and rice

Sunday – Roast chicken dinner

I then hope to create meal plans on a monthly basis as I like to do a big shop once a month and then pop out a few times a week for short-life essentials such as bread and milk. Researching recipes for this now so hope to have the new plan up by the end of the week.

In the beginning …

My first attempt at starting a blog was nearly 3 years ago when I started maternity leave waiting for my first baby to arrive. Little did I know how much of your life babies consume and only 15 months later baby number two arrived. My two boys, munchkin (now nearly 3) and bobsy (18 months) are still as demanding as ever but I feel it is time to add another dimension to my life that will help give me perspective on all the ups and downs of this parenting lark as well as documenting other personal and household projects/dreams that may or may not be in the pipeline. A big shout out to all the inspirational blogs i’ve looked at so far…they will all eventually feature on my blog roll as soon as I get to grips with customising my blog layout. And without further ado…I declare this blog open.