Project of the year No.1 – Meal planning

One of the projects I want to get off the ground this year is meal planning. There are several reasons for this such as being more organised, sticking to a tight budget, eating less junk and introducing more meals eaten as a family. I am committed to the idea of meal planning but it has thrown up several issues already. Firstly, finding the motivation and time to sit down long enough to put the planner and shopping list together especially when you are knackered and the kids have been playing up or ill. Secondly, we found that even though both myself and the OH are fairly competent cooks we don’t have a huge repertoire of recipes that we can just throw together so I am also having to research good family recipes that we hope will eventually become ‘old hat’ and be able to be done without much time and effort.

Anyway here is my first attempt at meal planning for a week:

Monday – Fish & Rice (with mixed veg)

Tuesday – Country veg soup with Cheese on toast

Wednesday – Quorn curry with potato and carrot sidedish and rice

Thursday – Beef and veg stew

Friday – Vege Spag Bol and garlic bread

Saturday – Chicken curry with cauliflower sidedish and rice

Sunday – Roast chicken dinner

I then hope to create meal plans on a monthly basis as I like to do a big shop once a month and then pop out a few times a week for short-life essentials such as bread and milk. Researching recipes for this now so hope to have the new plan up by the end of the week.


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  1. Sounds like a great plan. Make sure you plan in the odd takeaway or babysitter for a night off!

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